• Tragus Piercing

    Posted: Jun 19 2014

    Tragus Piercing A tragus piercing is the perforation of the tragus. This is the cartilage which projects immediately in front of the ear canal.  The tragus is pierced to wear a small piece of  jewelry. A typical piece of jewelry would be a small captive bead ring or a small gauge post.    Painful? Tragus piercings are one of the least painful piercings you can get.  There are very few nerves in this area and it makes the piercing tolerable.  Most people say it feels like a hard pinch.  It may bleed and feel sore for a few days but with good aftercare should completely heal in a few weeks.   Piercing Tragus piercing is usually done with a hollow needle that is 16g.  Make sure that you get the piercing done by a reputable piercing shop.  It is also important that the needle is sterilized and the environment clean.  Since this piercing...
  • Organic Ear Plugs

    Posted: Jun 09 2014

    We love a good pair of organic ear plugs. Many of our customers tell us that the organic ear plugs help relieve their issue with their lobes smelling or funky cheese build up that their plugs often get. When we wear organic ear gauges we give them a good shine with some all natural jojoba oil. The jojoba oil gets absorbed into the organic ear plugs very well and gives it a beautiful shine.  Here are some of our favorite organic ear plugs that we offer:  
  • Modded Peep Gallery

    Posted: Jun 06 2014

    We love seeing rad pictures of modified people! Heres a mini gallery of some pictures we love. Click Read More to see the gallery :)
  • Ear Gauges ... Ear Plugs ... Ear Spacers... What The Heck?!

    Posted: Jun 06 2014

    Welcome all to Body Jewelry Source. Occasionally we'll throw up a blog post up for stuff regarding our site and exciting products. We've heard so many customers calling ear plugs many different things ... From ear plugs to ear spacers to ear gauges. We've heard em all.  When shopping online for some new jewelry for your lobes it might be easier finding cool plugs online by searching for ear gauges but we don't like that term as much as you do haha. Back when some of us here started stretching our ears we called them gauges and as we got more familiar with the jewelry we started calling them plugs overtime just like many of our fellow friends and customers. Sometimes the term ear gauges feels as a newbie term when referring to the jewelry for your lobes but we try to call our plugs PLUGS most of the time...

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