Ear Gauges ... Ear Plugs ... Ear Spacers... What The Heck?!

Posted: Jun 06 2014

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We've heard so many customers calling ear plugs many different things ... From ear plugs to ear spacers to ear gauges. We've heard em all.  When shopping online for some new jewelry for your lobes it might be easier finding cool plugs online by searching for ear gauges but we don't like that term as much as you do haha.

Back when some of us here started stretching our ears we called them gauges and as we got more familiar with the jewelry we started calling them plugs overtime just like many of our fellow friends and customers. Sometimes the term ear gauges feels as a newbie term when referring to the jewelry for your lobes but we try to call our plugs PLUGS most of the time haha.

What term do you use the most and does it bother you when other people use a different term for them?


  • Posted by Steph on June 16, 2014

    I change up what I call them depending on who I’m around. If I’m around people who don’t have their ears spaced then I call them gauges or plugs, sometimes tunnels.
    If I’m around people who have their ears spaced, then I call them plugs.

    It also depends on what I am wearing, could be tunnels, could be plugs.
    It doesn’t bother me when people call them different things, because I never say the same thing.
    What bothers me though, is when people who do not have their ears stretched or even pierced start talking about it like they know what they are doing/talking about.
    I’m sorry but if you have never felt the pain of a blowout, don’t pretend like you do!
    If someone only went up to a size 2 and is trying to give spacing advise to someone starting out. Chances they aren’t going to know the correct method of stretching because they likely didn’t have to tape their ears to get up to the next size.

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