Tragus Piercing

Posted: Jun 19 2014

Tragus Piercing

A tragus piercing is the perforation of the tragus. This is the cartilage which projects immediately in front of the ear canal.  The tragus is pierced to wear a small piece of  jewelry. A typical piece of jewelry would be a small captive bead ring or a small gauge post. 



Tragus piercings are one of the least painful piercings you can get.  There are very few nerves in this area and it makes the piercing tolerable.  Most people say it feels like a hard pinch.  It may bleed and feel sore for a few days but with good aftercare should completely heal in a few weeks.



Tragus piercing is usually done with a hollow needle that is 16g.  Make sure that you get the piercing done by a reputable piercing shop.  It is also important that the needle is sterilized and the environment clean.  Since this piercing can be somewhat tricky an experienced piercer is a must. The needle may be curved or straight depending on the piercers preference.



Tragus piercings are susceptible to infection so it is very important to keep this area clean.  The healing time depends on your skin type but most heal in 4-8 weeks.  A saline solution can be applied around the piercing.  Try to get it into the unhealed areas.  Twist the jewelry to let the solution seep into the hole.  This must be done 2-3 times a day.  Make sure that your hands are clean so you do not introduce bacteria.  A Change of jewelry is usually ok after 6 weeks.


Anti Tragus Piercing

Anti Tragus is a piercing to describe a piercing that is located across from the original piercing.


Tragus Piercing Jewelry

A lot of body jewelry can be used in the tragus as long as it is the same gauge as your piercing.  Captive Rings, Lip rings, Nose Studs, Nose rings, Cartilage studs, Cartilage rings, Barbells, etc


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