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Heard a ear stretching rumor? Get the Truth!
The point of no return, Blowouts, and more


Did your Father's, Sister's, Cousin's former roomate give you some advice you really aren't sure about? We've all heard rumors from topics such as the point of no return to using homemade objects to stretch. But what is the best way to approach stretching when all your stretching knowledge is from unreliable word of mouth?

Now let's shed a little light on these items:


What is the point of no return with ear stretching? Is 0g really the point of no return?

As much as we would love to give an exact size for "The Point Of No Return", it really varies from ear lobe to ear lobe . We've seen lobes fully heal from a 12mm stretch while others are still open from a 0G stretch.


The reason why there is not set in stone point of no return is because every ear lobe is different. Depending on your stretching technique, use of lubricants, and skin elasticity will all play factors of ear stretching and returning to a normal size lobe.

Is it Okay to use silicone plugs for ear stretching?

Using silicone is a very easy way to stretch , and it can be more painless than other methods. But keep in mind that this isn't recommended.

Why isn't it recommended you ask? When you stretch you want to make sure you are using sanitized or sterilized equipment in order to keep the risk of infection down. We've also heard of reports of the silicone healing into your skin after a stretch ( this would want to be avoided).

How long should I wait when stretching my ears?

To prevent blowouts and infections it is recommended for you to wait until your lobe heals from the previous stretch before stretching to the next size. What this does is gives your ears time to heal and your skin to calm before inflicting and more trauma to the stretched area.

What is the smallest ear stretching size?

Ear tapers can be found from sizes as small as 16G or 18G. The smallest size we sell is a 14G taper ( available in acrylic and stainless steel). Going from a normal piercing size to a 14G size is not a huge jump and will get you on your way stretching your ears.

Is there anyway to reduce the pain or numb your ear in the stretching process?

Yes there are ways to help reduce pain while ear stretching! While stretching you can use lubricants such as Holey Butt'r or Jojoba oil. Holey Butt'r is a blend of natural emollients and moisturizers including Karanja oil, Jojoba Oil, and Soy Butt'r. Not only does this calm your skin while stretching but also contains Jojoba which is known for it's skin healing properties.



Ouch my ears are bleeding while stretching is this normal?


If your ears are bleeding this could be a problem. When this occurs it is highly recommended to go ahead and downsize and let the piercing fully heal before stretching.


Normally, bleeding occurs while ear stretching when the hole has not been fully healed or the lobe is stretching to larger sizes too quickly.



Ear Stretching Blowouts


Have you heard the term ear lobe blowout? What a blowout is, is when an earlobe receives too much trauma from ear stretching. Usually this is caused from stretching sizes too fast before the ear lobe heals.


When a ear lobe is blown out it looks like the inside of the lobe is turning inside out. If this happens to you you must immediately downsize your ears and start treating them so they can heal properly.


To prevent blowouts while ear stretching make sure your stretches gradual, only stretch once you have healed from the previous stretch. Another tip to prevent blowouts is to use an approved lubricant while stretching. The lubricant will keep your ears moisturized and more protected vs dry stretching.


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