So You Want To Stretch Your Ears?


So you're thinking about ear stretching...congrats!
There are many ways out there to stretch a ear lobe..this guide will help you along your stretch on things you know and didn't know


Before you stretch, it’s important to remember that the larger you proceed with ear stretching, the less likely your skin will be to return to normal size if ever you were to shun your decision. Keep in mind that the propensity for a piercing to heal varies from person to person due to ear stretching technique and skin elasticity. This is why the infamous “point of no return” can vary from person to person or ear lobe to ear lobe.

Fortunately for those who have passed that point and must retire their piercing, cosmetic surgery is a reparative option. However, for the average ear stretcher, things normally don’t get this far. If and when you do decide to stretch your ears, remember that you are creating a teeny tiny injury, and it’s important to take care of it.

If you have just pierced your ears and are considering stretching them, be sure to wait six to eight weeks after the initial piercing (or whatever the pro at the shop recommends) before you begin to stretch in order to allow adequate healing time. The best thing you can do for your stretched ears is to wash them on a daily basis (nothing too fancy – a plain, antibacterial soap works fine).

If you happen to experience more pain or discomfort than you’re comfortable with (after a fresh piercing or stretching), bathing the piercing in a solution of water and sea salt is a much better alternative to putting on some weird manmade antibiotic ointment.




Common Terminology


Tomato or Tomatoe? However you spell it, it's the same. Here are some common terms that we will be using in our guide and throughout the ear stretching / ear guage community.

Ear Taper - A tapered off object ( usually constructed from stainless steel or acrylic ) used to stretch a piercing such as an ear lobe

Ear Plugs / Ear Gauges / Ear Tunnels / Ear Spacers - Jewelry that you can wear inside your stretched lobe.

Ear Stretching / Ear Gauging -The process of stretching one's ear lobes.

O-rings - Rubber or silicone rings that hold jewelry in place within your ear lobe.

Double Flared Ear Plugs - Ear plugs that are flared on both ends.

Single Flared Ear Plugs - Ear plugs that are only flared on one end. These plugs usually have one O-ring in order to keep the jewelry in place.
Non Flared Ear Plugs - Ear plugs that are not flared and require two O-rings to stay in place. Most jewelry comes with all O-rings necessary to be worn.



Ear Gauge vs Ear Plugs ... Which one is correct?


While there is no industry standard on which term is "correct" many people use both words for the same item. ( Same situation as Tomato vs Tomatoe) Throughout this guide , our site, and other sites, you will see ear lobe jewelry that is refferred to as "ear plugs" or "ear gauges".

This topic on ear gauge vs ear plug has sparked quite a popularity contest throughout forums and tradeshows, though the debate goes on it seems as though everyone still uses the term they originally thought was correct.... interesting right?


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