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Ready, Set, Stretch!
Endure the pain, You are going to have some good looking ear lobes!



Now that you're ready to stretch , Give it a shot! If you still need to buy tapers we offer an ear stretching kit that will take you from a 14G to 0G hole.


Remember ear stretching should be a gradual process and take your time sizing up the next size. The more gradual you perform your stretch the less trauma and chance of a blowout you will have.

Tips on using ear tapers to stretch your ears


1) Sanitize / Sterilize - Make sure to correctly sanitize or sterilize your ear tapers either by an autoclave, or antibacterial soap as we discussed previously.


2) Prepare your ears for stretching - To decrease the chance of any infection after stretching it's important to clean off the ear lobe of any microorganisms. Before stretching clean the front and back of the earlobe with alcohol pads or other disinfectant solution.


3) Lube - If you are using lube for stretching apply lube to the taper and to your ear.


4) Start ear stretching - Time to start by placing the taper inside your lobe! Good luck! =]



Helpful Ear Stretching Tips

Already have ear tapers and looking for some helpful tips? Try these out and see how they work for you:


1) Shower Method: After taking a hot shower your skin should be more relaxed and easier to stretch. Take a hot shower and massage your ear lobes. Right after the shower try using your taper and wiggling the taper in.


2) Do I need to leave my tapers in? After you stretch your ears using a taper you can actually slide in jewelry right behind the taper. This will allow you to remove the taper while pushing a plug in its place.


If you choose to do this we suggest for you to put in 316L surgical grade stainless steel jewelry in initially to prevent infection.


3) Ear Lobe Massages - If you can, give your ear lobes gentle massage ... This will increase blood flow to your ears.


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