• O-ring Extended Lifetime Warranty

O-ring Extended Lifetime Warranty

$ 4.19 $ 4.99

Ease your mind and don't worry about loosing you're O-rings again. BodyJewelrySource.com's extended warranty will cover & ship any lost or broken o-rings for your plugs! It's fast, easy and cheap! How Does it work? It's simple, lose a o-ring? Contact us telling us which size you need and we'll send out a replacement out to you! We'll look up your information and verify you are a part of the warranty program. Go up a size? Don't worry the warranty will be with you through all your sizes! Due to shipping charges. Valid only for residents of the United States Please note: This item is non-refundable To keep our program fraud free, We will ship up to 10 Pairs of O-rings per month.

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